Reward Points Program

Earn reward points for each action of yours on Redeem them any time within a year towards a vacation rental, experience or home service offered on

Users can earn an entire family vacation within a year by creating quality content on, being active on the Community and/or making purchases from

You can view your current Reward Point earnings on your account page as Points.

Following are ways to earn Reward Points:

You will receive 1000 reward points, the moment you sign up with as a signup bonus.

Additionally, everytime you post a review or comment, you are eligible for upto 20 reward points, per review/comment.

Each time you post a recipe, blog or a DIY in the community or through your account, you are eligible for upto 500 reward points, depending on the category and type.

Everytime you buy a vacation rental, experience or home service, you are eligible for upto 20,000 reward points, per purchase.

Everytime you refer a friend or a family member to and they sign up you earn 200 points.

When one of your referrals makes a purchase on you earn 1000 reward points.

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