Become an Experience Provider (Vendor)

Make your Passion a Revenue Generator by providing activities to Vacationers.

Share your Passion with Vacationers

Localise Vacationers

Local Places & Activities for Vacationers

Introduce Vacationers to the activities and local places you feel does justice to your city, and ofcourse of which you’re passionate about. We’ll help you design your experience step by step, with a plethora of tools and resources along the way.

Expand your Circuit

Expand your Social Circuit

Connect with a community of vacationers and locals who share your interests.

You might make a few new like-minded friends, learn from fellow enthusiasts or get a vacationer started on a new passion.

Schedule - Your Way

Your Schedule - Your Way

Set a schedule that works for you, whether you organize your experience on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Set your own price, group size and manage all the details on the go with easy to use tools and technology.

Zero upfront cost

Start a side business with 0 upfront costs

You’ll get your own shop page on that vacationers can use to book experiences that you provide. You can host more than 1 experience if you like. handles secure payment processing and provides 24-hour customer care.

We charge experience providers in-between 10% and 20% service fee depending on the experience category. The amount of the service fee is calculated from the price that hosts set for their experience.


How do I get Started as an Experience Provider?

Find a category that fits you

Find a Experience category that suits your passion & expertise. Review our standards and see if your experience will be suitable for Vacationers

Create your Experience

Register for a (Experience Provider) Vendor account.

Create experience listing (Booking Product) with descriptions, photos & videos from the Vendor Dashboard.

Submit for Approval

If your experience meets’s standards, it will be approved and thereafter you can start operating your experience business.


You can host a minimum number of 2 guest per session.

For security reasons we do not allow sessions of 1 guest. In certain special cases we allow a minimum of 1 guest per session (contact your Account Executive for approval process).

There is no maximum number of guests per session.

Yes, you can host with one other person or a team, make sure their name/s is mentioned on your experience listing so that guests know who they’ll be with.

They’ll also need to have a profile along with approved government ids.

Depending on the type of your experience activity, you may require a business license. Please check local laws in your area to determine which licenses may be required for your experience, especially if there is food, alcohol or transportation involved.

You are paid by direct deposit (NEFT/RTGS) 1 to 14 Business Days (depending on the experience category) after the experience is completed.

You can host your experience as and when you feel like. You can adjust your dates and times until you find what works best for you.

Please note that once your experience is live and Vacationers have paid for even 1 session of the Experience, you are required to fulfill the Experience. Please read the terms of non-fulfillment.

No. You do not need to be a Vacation Rental Vendor nor do you have to host guests overnight in your home or space to be an experience vendor.

You may need to obtain your own insurance if your experience includes these experiences like driving, diving, mountain climbing, food service, etc. Please check with local authorities or with similar businesses owners.

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