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₹ 113,307 per month

₹ 117,146 per month

₹ 142,180 per month

₹ 128,997 per month

₹ 101,804 per month

₹ 115,894 per month

₹ 146,557 per month

₹ 89,539 per month

₹ 115,659 per month

₹ 123,457 per month

₹ 118,168 per month

₹ 121,352 per month

Estimate based 25% occupancy. How much you actually make may vary with your pricing, type and location of your listing, actual occupancy rate, season, demand and other factors. Your local laws may also impact your actual earnings.

Who can host?

Who can host on

If you have a vacation home, villa, condo, bungalow, resort, farmhouse or cottage to share, makes it simple and secure to earn money and reach thousands of vacationers looking for an amazing vacation experience. focuses on upper-end rentals in desirable locations.

Who is in control?

Who is in control?

You’re in full control of your availability, prices, house rules and how you interact with guests. You can set check-in times and handle the process however you like. You can charge for various additional services like cleaning service, chef service, tours, etc.

You also have the power to disallow or choose various third party services that we add to your vacation rental to enhance the vacationer’s experience.

Always there for you

We are always there to support you

We provide tools, hospitality tips, 24/7 support and an online community of experienced hosts for questions and sharing ideas for success.

Over and above our stellar Customer Care, we provide a unique service called Key Service w/Inspector (In select locations only). With this service you can eliminate the headache of checking-in and checking-out guests, inspecting the property before checking-in and checking-out to make sure that there was no damage to the property, etc.

Additionally, if you choose to market your vacation rental on 40+ listing sites (like AirBNB & HomeAway), Social Media, Affiliate Network & Travel Agencies – you can sign up for our Marketing Service.


How to be a vacation rental host

It’s free and easy to create a listing on Describe your space, how many guests you can accommodate, add photos and details. Alternately, just request for a simple excel sheet – answer the questions and email it to us along photos and we will create the listing for you.

All guests must submit a profile photo, a government id, verify their phone & email address. Our team also thoroughly scrutinises the guests profile as per the requirements set by you for your vacation rental.

Guests and hosts each publish reviews after check out keeping everyone accountable and respectful.

Get to know guests before arrival by messaging them on our platform. Most hosts clean the vacation rental and provide essentials like clean sheets, towels, kitchen utensils, Cutlery and toilet paper.

You can greet guests in person with a key or just use our hassle free Key Service w/Inspector service (currently in select areas).’s secure payment system means you never have to deal with money directly. Guests are charged before arrival, and you are paid in full automatically by direct deposit (NEFT/RTGS) depending on your status and ranking as follows:

  • Host (Vacation Rental Vendor): 48 to 72 hours after the rental is complete
  • Host w/Marketing Service: 24 to 48 hours after guests check-in
  • 5 Star Host w/Marketing Service: 48 to 72 hours post cancellation deadline


Please note: If you have collected a Security Deposit from the Customer, your payment will be set on-hold till you pay the security deposit back to the Customer.

If you want to expand your reach across the web, and market your vacation home aggressively sign up for our marketing service.

Your Property may be listing on:

  •, AirBnb, HomeAway, Expedia, FlipKey,, TripAdviser, TripAdviser, HolidayLettings,, Travelocity, VRBO, Roomorama, HouseTrip + 40 more

Your property will be marketing via:

  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, You Tube & Community)
  • Affiliate Network
  • Travel Agencies & Tour Operators
  • Select Property Listing Sites

Share links to your friends and family via social networks or email.

Each time a sale is made on you will earn between 2% and 12% commission of the vacation rental value.

Learn more about Affiliate Program


FAQ is a key service inspector (in select locations only), marketeer & a listing site. Companies like HomeAway and Airbnb are listing sites.

We inspect your home (check-ins and check-outs) + market your home to help get more bookings while listing sites are place where you can post your home to be rented. We actually partner with other listing sites (over 40+ in total) to market your home to a wide variety of travellers.

Whichever service you sign up for on, you are free to cancel/unlist as you please. All we ask is that you give us 30 days notice if you do choose to unlist your home with us.

To some degree, yes. While does not work exclusively with luxury properties, we do focus on upper-end rentals in desirable locations.

Also, we have a standard 240 point system to rank the property. We will look at your home and let you know if we feel it will be a good fit for our program.

Yes. We ask that you provide as a homeowner – like furniture, appliances, cookware, and dinnerware. We will work with you to make sure that you have everything in place. Well decorated homes tend to rent at a higher frequency, and we always encourage owners to have a home that shows well.

That’s up to the discretion of each homeowner.

What you want to allow and what you do not want to allow can easily be configured in the system. When we screen the potential guest, we make sure that the profile matches your requirements.

We will collect GST required of your vacation rental, put them into our owner escrow-style account, and may remit on your behalf. Each reservation has taxes added to the amount of the rental. You do not need to send us extra money to pay taxes, nor do you need to file with your lodging authority.

Host is personally responsible for all other taxes (besides GST) that are liable to the authorities.

Login to and thereafter go to My Account/Vendor Dashboard. On the dashboard you have full control over everything. From the dashboard you can access various types of real time reports too.

If you just want a monthly report or are not tech savvy, do not worry, You will get a monthly statement from us that details how much rental revenue you earned, how much tax we collected and will pay on your behalf, and any charges that you may have incurred during the month (for example, if you wanted your home cleaned for your own stay or if you had us install a new TV, etc.) Your Account Manager or Property Inspector will be happy to guide you through your owner statement.’s secure payment system means you never have to deal with money directly. Guests are charged before arrival and hosts are paid automatically by direct deposit (NEFT/RTGS) depending on their status and ranking as follows:

  • Host (Vacation Rental Vendor): 2 to 4 working days after the rental is complete
  • Host w/Marketing Service: 1 to 3 working days after guests check-in
  • 5 Star Host w/Marketing Service: 2 to 3 working days post refund deadline
    Note: Saturdays & Sundays are not working days for the Accounts departmentPlease note: If you have collected a Security Deposit from the Customer, your payment will be set on-hold till you pay the security deposit back to the Customer.

We set separate rates that vary based on day of the week and time of the year. For example – mid-week days will be set at one price and weekends at another; holidays and peak periods will likely be set higher and off-season prices are usually set a bit lower. We set these initial prices based on several factors like input from each owner, characteristics of the home (size, amenities, location, recent remodels, etc.), comparable home prices in the area, and guidance from our local General Manager. As the homeowner, you have the option to set your floor rate – which we will never price your home lower than.

Once we agree on the initial pricing, we ask you if you want to be included in our dynamic pricing program. Most hosts decide to participate. Once in the program, we watch the performance of your unit and make pricing adjustments as needed. The key is to monitor and adjust pricing up or down based on actual market demand. We monitor conversion rates of your rental at initial pricing and adjust up or down according to how well the rental is booking. It is an ongoing process that is always a top priority.

We monitor the market availability calendars on sites like VRBO and HomeAway, we use powerful third party pricing & analytics tools, we receive hotel pricing reporting from RateGain and benchmark every home’s inquiry and reservation volumes against historical numbers and comparable homes.


Here are just a few examples of the many ways we adjust your pricing to make you more rental income:

  • If your home is booking more quickly for comparable times of year than other homes in your area – this may be an indicator that your price is too low and we may adjust your nightly rate to make it higher.
  • If your unit has last minute availability and has openings within the next two weeks, we may apply different levels of discounts to try and get that last minute vacationer who is used to getting a last minute deal.
  • If we notice large periods of time that are farther in advance that have lower than expected occupancy, we may lower the nightly rate. As occupancy fills in, we will make adjustments to raise the nightly rate back up.

Our Emergency Care Team is available 24/7. Guests can call, text or email our team at all hours with any issues. Your guests will actually never know your name for privacy reasons – unless you elect to tell them. We’ll take the call and dispatch the appropriate vendor w/Inspector. We pay the vendor and then put the bill onto your homeowner statement – you don’t have to worry about paying out-of-pocket for anything unless it happens to be a major repair. We do not charge any additional fees for emergencies.

Please know that we have a strict policy of evicting guests upon any sign of noise, partying, or over-occupancy. We want guests to enjoy themselves, however, we do not tolerate abuse at your property and contractually have heavy measures in place to evict and/or charge additional fees.

If you have signed up for’s Marketing Service, then we market your vacation home on:

Social media (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram)

Travel Agents’s Affiliate Network

And, we list your home everywhere guests are looking for rentals! In addition to our own site, we’ll list your property on these major listing sites:

  • Colorado Vacation Rentals
  • Rental Source
  • LakeHouse Vacations
  • RentByOwner
  • Travelprorentals
  • Agoda
  • Airbnb
  • TripAdvisor
  • Expedia
  • Orbitz
  • Travelocity
  • Kayak
  • Priceline
  • FlipKey
  • Tripping
  • Trivago
  • Venere
  • Hotwire
  • Owner Direct Vacation Rentals
  • CanadaStays
  • Resort Reservations
  • AllTheRooms
  • Vacation Rental Supermarket
  • Vaystays
  • Visit Breck
  • VRGuest
  • Vacayhero
  • DestinNetwork
  • Pinterest

We sync your availability calendar across every site, so each site will show the right rates and availability at all times, making it easy for guests to view the correct information and book your home.

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